Commissioned work

Custom Sculpture Commission

Commissioned work

Commissioned work : Order your custom sculpture

Would you like a sculpted portrait or detail of the body of a loved one? Professional artist Joel A. Prevost can deliver the work of your dreams, customized for your indoor or outdoor decor. He can also design trophies, friezes or other architectural elements as well as funeral urns and memorials. Call us to discuss your very own custom sculpture.


Throughout history, various types of patrons have commissioned works to immortalize a loved one, commemorate an event, leave a trace of their beliefs, their exploits, their history and their magnificence by adorning houses, gardens and other buildings.


Whether in public or private context, a commissioned sculpture or sculptural portrait has an incomparable evocative power since it immortalizes in 3D a loved one.


Commissioned works can be of various types and adopt different styles, from figurative to abstract and neo-classical to contemporary, in response to customer demand: tiles with patterns and custom colors, carved monogram, fountain, ornament garden, wall, relief, round, memorial trophy or urn … the possibilities are endless!


An accomplished artist, Joel A. Prevost will give life to your vision, using his talent and sensitivity to deliver a unique work that asserts your taste and mark your story.


Ideally, in the case of a portrait, the artist prefers to work with the model in his studio for the duration of the project, at a rate to be determined according to both parties’ availability. But he can also work from photos if the subject is not available or if distance is a problem.


A minimal fee will be required for the conceptual development and the signing of a detailed contract will be required prior to any work. The work will be sculpted in the artist’s studio and you will be able to follow its evolution at any time. Commission a sculpture today!

Commissioned work